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Dalmatia is one of the regions in Croatia that were settled earliest, and is definitely the most history filled of them all. A region so rugged, that it took even the mighty Roman Empire over 200 years to conquer! Spanning from the city of Zadar to the North, and to Dubrovnik in the south, this narrow strip of mountainous terrain is also home to the historically enriched cities of Split (home to one of the best preserved Roman palaces in the world), Trogir (set on ancient greek foundations) and Šibenik (contains one of the best medieval fortification systems in the world) .
But perhaps the most fascinating part of Dalmatia is not in the big cities, rather in the smaller picturesque towns – fishing towns on the coast and villages in the hinterland, to which even today, the only way to reach some of them is by hiking these ancient trails.

Dalmatia has also a unique cuisine. Based on Mediterranean cuisine, it combines a richness of flavors derived from the home grown ingredients, the freshness of the fish caught in the pristine sapphire-blue Adriatic, and the simplicity of preparation. This results in unique, healthy, yet flavorsome meals that enrich both the body and the mind. Some recipes date back to the 11th century, so come and taste the history!

Today, Dalmatia has transformed itself into a destination desired by all – from the ordinary sun-seeking tourist, to the most demanding adventurists in search of adrenaline rushed rock-climbing, hiking and canyoning. Even the producers of “A Game Of Thrones” TV production, have recognized the beauty of this untouched region as the only place on the planet that could depict the beautifully rugged world in which it is based.

Adrenaline-filled adventures do not have to be dangerous to be enjoyed, and Dalmatia has something for everyone. Suffice to say that Dalmatia is a region loved by alpinists and other adventure seeking individuals, but also loved by those who have tried rock-climbing and canyoning for the first time, in a safe environment.
There is a wide range of adventures to choose from in Dalmatia, including, but by no means limited to rock climbing, hiking, canyoning, zip-lining, abseiling, kayaking, rafting and much more. You might be asking yourself, how far do I have to travel between these adventures? If there was a town in Dalmatia that had all of these adventures to offer and more, that town would definitely be Omiš, the only town in Dalmatia which was founded on a cliff-face!

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