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Omis is a town of contrasts, both natural and historical. It was founded and grew on the steep rocky slopes of the Omis Dinara mountain, surrounded by the river Cetina in the north-west, and the sea in the south and south-east. Omiš has grown at the foot of these cliffs, beneath the Fortica castle which was built high above on the mountain. Due to permanent threats from the inland, as well as from the sea, the existing castle "Fortica", with a military crew in it, and supporting tower “Visec” in the canyon of the river Cetina, were not enough for the town's defense. So in the Middle Ages, Omis was encircled by walls, fortified with strongholds on the eastern, land side, and the fortress "Mirabella" was erected on the north-western side. This medieval town was named Olmissium, Almyssium, and later, under Venetian’s rule Almissa.
Governed by the dramatic canyon overlooking the town, the location of Omiš and its surroundings ensure a perfect getaway for individuals seeking rock-climbing and canyoning adventures in combination with a relaxed, sun-soaked holiday.
Various natural cliffs in the canyon ensure perfect rock-climbing conditions for all ranks of climbers – Easier rocks for the beginners, to the massive cliffs for the most experienced rock climbers, whilst always being surrounded by the natural beauty of the canyon of Omiš.
The canyon itself spans over 20 km of rugged terrain that has been carved into rock by the river Cetina which ends its spectacular journey in Omiš. Paths had been made in this canyon so that people could communicate with other towns in ancient times, and today these paths have been upgraded so that people could enjoy canyoning and hiking adventures in this amazing landscape, filled with breathtaking cliffs, waterfalls and white-water rapids.
The river Cetina provides a fantastic opportunity for all those who are interested in kayaking and canyoning, there way through the canyon. Kayaking provides you with a totally different perspective of the canyon, naturally, you can experience both the wild and tame nature of the gorgeous river Cetina.

Of course, everyone needs a break once in a while, so why not spend it lying on a sand beach near the warm blue sea, which is only meters away from all of the above!

Adventure, fun and relaxation all in the same place!

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