Advanced canyoning

Canyoning on river Cetina is one of the best adventures you can try in Croatia. Enjoy in the hidden natural beauty of Cetina canyon, miraculous rocky landscapes of the canyon that has dept up to 150 m. Advanced canyoning includes walking and swimming through the rapids, swimming in crystal clear natural pools, cliff -jumping in the lakes and waterfalls of river Cetina, abseiling 60m along side of Great Gubavica waterfall. Second absail is 20 m high. All you need for regular canyoning is a swimsuit , sports shoes and of course an adventurous spirit (you do not need any previous experince).
Rent: Canyoning shoes – 5 €

Activity duration:  3h – 4h
Transfer duration:  1:30h
Price: 80 €
Includes:  insurance, professional canyoning guides, long neoprene suit, vest, helmet, safety belt andtransfer Tips: swimsuit , sports shoes, towel, water, and some snacks

Price includes: transfer from Omiš to Zadvarje village where your canyoning adventure starts and transfer back to Omiš. licensed guides who are also members of Croatian mountain rescue. your gear: neoprene suit, vest, helmet and safety belt for canyoning.

Start: meeting at 13 noon in Omiš (or by agreement), it can last up to 6 hours (depending on the number of participants)

The minimum number of participants: 2 people

Mimimum age: 14 years

Canyoning equipment:


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Contact us

Cetinska cesta 30

21310 Omiš


Phone: 00385 98 447 135

Rock climbing d.o.o

OIB: 61936698462





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