Scuba diving

SCUBA Diving is your chance to explore unknown worlds, to make new friends and to enjoy a unique passion. The Adriatic sea offers fascinating underwater landscapes , with underwater canyons, sunken ships and breathtaking reefs. To truly enjoy your underwater trip you need a guide you can trust completely.instructors and guides, with their deep understanding and knowledge of the Croatian underwater scenery, will make sure you are completely safe and comfortable during your underwater adventures.

*Maximum of 8 like minded travelers on each tour ; all departures are guaranteed with only 2 travelers, organized daily dive & snorkeling trips to the most fascinating locations Adriatic has to offer.

Scuba diving(jedan zaron; licencirana osoba)- 225,00kn

Scuba diving(jedan zaron; ne licenciana osoba)-600,00kn


Scuba diving(dva zarona+oprema; lic.osoba)- 635,00 kn

Scuba diving(dva zarona+oprema; ne lic.osoba)- 1010,00 kn

+ equipment ; pick up at Omiš ; cca.4/5 h

Price of equipment: 25 € snorkeling set (mask, snorkel, fins)
25 € Complete diving equipment (guide,bottles,led)

Includes:  Transfer, insurance, professional guide, snorkeling set (mask, snorkel, fins) Tips: swimsuite,towel, water and snacks


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